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Grand Ferdinand. Enchanté!

Grand Ferdinand, the Hotel on the Ring Boulevard, introduces itself.

You can find me – perfectly located and offering a spectacular view of the Schwarzenbergplatz – at Schubertring 10-12. Before Florian Weitzer found me, I was just another 1950ies building on the Vienna Ring Boulevard. Thanks to his inspiration I am now an elegant luxury hotel and proud to be the only owner-operated hotel on the Ring.

Bird view on the Ringstraße-Avenue with green trees and house facades.

Modern hotel meets Viennese sophistication

Do not worry, I am by no means antiquated! I simply appreciate the good things in life, much like Stefan Zweig used to do. When Florian Weitzer dreamed me up, he was chiefly inspired by Vienna’s fin de siècle elegance. This is why you will always find a touch of tradition here. When it comes to hospitality and amenities, however, I’m modern through and through.

In my 188 rooms (including four Suites and one Grand Suite) you will find ample room to relax and recharge. Kingsize beds, raindance showers, and furnishings chosen with impeccable attention to detail will make you feel right at home – no matter the room type.

More creature comforts await in my three restaurants. At the Ferdinand Restaurant on the ground floor you will discover the traditional cuisine from the erstwhile Crown Lands and all that goes with it, including properly starched tablecloths, of course.

Nightowls, and those returning from a ball late at night, will love Gulasch & Söhne. My very own “Würstelstand”, a play on the typically Viennese sausage stand, caters for the hungry from 11 a.m. into the wee hours of the morning. After all, I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go to bed hungry.

King-size bed with curved headboard and white bed linens.
The Grand Étage with golden chandelier and view over Vienna.
Minced meat fritters à la Metternich with spinach and poached egg.

Grand Étage with Rooftop Pool & Bar

Guests of the hotel will enjoy international cuisine and afterwork cocktails at the Grand Étage on my rooftop. And, just between the two of us, there’s not just an excellent restaurant on my rooftop, but also a lovely pool. Come up here to relax floating in the water and enjoy the magnificent view over Vienna. It is so lovely that you probably won’t want to leave ever again.

And in case something catches your eye from your vantage point on the rooftop, you can always hop down to the car rental belonging to the hotel. Before long, you could be exploring the beautiful area surrounding Vienna in a Jaguar or Maserati.

But let’s take it slow… Take your time arriving. I’ll show you around. Of course I also have a gym, and an old-fashioned barber as well. If you need to park your car our valet service will take care of it. Now, may I take your luggage?
Welcome to Viennese elegance!

Yours sincerely,
Grand Ferdinand

Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Vienna

Grand Ferdinand

+43 1 91 880

Meissl & Schadn

+43 1 90 212

Gulasch & Söhne

+43 1 91 880 500

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