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Splendid and elegant: The Lobmeyr chandeliers at the Grand Ferdinand Vienna

Splendid and elegant: The Lobmeyr chandeliers at the Grand Ferdinand Vienna

The Grand Ferdinand, located right on the Ring Boulevard in Vienna, embodies timeless Viennese elegance with a modern twist. And you only have to step into the hotel lobby to see it. Slightly tilt your head back and take in the first of the three Lobmeyr chandeliers that contribute to making Grand Ferdinand the elegant hotel it is.

Three of the famous crystal chandeliers illuminate the lobby, the Grand Ferdinand restaurant on the ground floor, and the exclusive Grand Étage on the hotel’s rooftop. The lobby chandelier is cranked down by hand every single day in order for the real candles to be lit. The candlelight is reflected thousandfold in the crystals and bathes the lobby in a bright yet warm glow.


Glassmaking: An Austrian-Bohemian tradition

Crystal chandeliers first found fame in the Baroque era. The cut of the crystals can enhance the light emanating from real candles, which made it possible in the first place to illuminate large rooms back then.


Lobmeyr is a traditional Austrian company with almost two centuries of experience in glassmaking, chandeliers and mirrors. Josef Lobmeyr sen. founded the company in 1823 and soon became the purveyor of the court. Today, the business is managed by the family in the sixth generation.

The company has always had strong ties to the arts as well. The founder’s son became co-founder of the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna and at the turn of the century, Lobmeyr collaborated closely with Wiener Werkstätte.

After the war, Lobmeyr was a crucially involved in rebuilding the Austrian glassmaking industry. The company revolutionised the crystal chandelier, for example with the middle chandelier at the Vienna State Opera. In the 2000s, Lobmeyr opened a branch in Salzburg and ventured onto the international market.

Lighting that moves with the times

Chandeliers might be very traditional but they can definitely keep up with the times. They exude splendour, elegance and comfort. At Lobmeyr, tradition meets innovation. The company is famous for its modern interpretation of glassmaking and keeps collaborating with designers.

Lobmeyr developed the first electric crystal chandelier in 1883 together with Thomas Alva Edison. Nonetheless, the company still produces non-electric chandeliers today, like the one in the Grand Ferdinand lobby.

Lobmeyr still manufactures its chandeliers by hand. Special orders are common, and lighting concepts are created specifically for the spaces they are meant to illuminate.

You can admire the effect Lobmeyr chandeliers have at the Grand Ferdinand. Whether electric or with real candles, the individual crystals of the chandeliers catch the light and exude a cosy-but-elegant atmosphere, making the Grand Ferdinand guests feel comfortable. Just drop by and check it out for yourself!

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