Restaurant Limón

At Limón, southern cuisine is celebrated above the rooftops of Vienna. For guests of the “Grand Ferdinand” and all those with a table reservation.

From the Bouillabaisse Marseillaise to the homemade Raviolo alla Carbonara to the Pollo a la Mallorquina - at Limón you can travel from the Côte d'Azur to the Amalfi Coast, on to Mallorca and back in one evening. With the cuisine of Italy, France and Spain on your plate and a spectacular view over the roofs of Vienna. This is what we call La Dolce Vita!

We strongly recommend a table reservation. Click here for
your online reservation.

Opening Hours

(Mon – Sun)
(for hotel guests only)

7.00 – 11.00

Opening Hours
(Tue – Sat)

17.00 – 24.00

Kitchen opening times
(Tue – Sat)

17.30 – 22.30

Meissl & Schadn

The making of a legend

Vienna’s grand cuisine is experiencing a revival on the Ring. The new Meissl & Schadn is bringing back the culinary traditions of yesteryear and celebrating local classics. What’s more, the original Wiener Schnitzel will finally get the recognition it deserves. As Austria’s favourite dish it is long overdue for its own temple, where it will, of course, be pan-fried to perfection.

Schnitzel lovers will be delighted – provided they reserve their table in time.
Preferably right away.

Meissl & Schadn has recently been included in the Austrian Selection of the Guide MICHELIN 2023 which speaks for itself!

We recommend to book a table. Clilck here for your
online reservation.

Opening Hours


12.00 – 23.30

Kitchen opening times

until 22.30

Gulasch & Söhne

For quick meals at the Gulasch & Söhne.
For breakfast lovers or sustenance before or after taking in Vienna's culture. Made just that much better with freshly brewed coffee, a glass of champagne or the finest beer.

Dignified, no-nonsense. That's what makes it cosy. Featuring a menu of lovely small plates, from breakfast classics to Lahner sausage with horseradish and mustard, or sweet apple strudel and cream cake. From 8:00 in the morning to late at night. To set the mood or wind down a glamorous evening at the ball, theatre or concert hall. Directly on the Ringstraße.

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

08.00 – 24.00

Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Vienna

Grand Ferdinand

+43 1 91 880

Meissl & Schadn

+43 1 90 212

Gulasch & Söhne

+43 1 91 880 500

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