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Gubi Mirrors

Scandi-Style at the Grand Ferdinand Vienna

Mirror, mirror on the wall… who makes the prettiest mirrors of them all? The correct answer, at least at the Grand Ferdinand, is “the Danes”. The mirrors at the independent hotel on the Vienna Ring Boulevard are Scandinavian design classics from Denmark.

The design is an epitome of Scandi style — a round mirror, framed in a leather strap, with brass details. The unobtrusive yet elegant mirror fits the Grand Ferdinand style perfectly and completes each room at the hotel.



Art Deco inspired by Adnet

The Grand Ferdinand mirrors are part of the Adnet Collection, a series of art deco mirrors created by the Danish company Gubi. The mirror design is inspired by the creations of French designer Jacques Adnet.

Jacques Adnet was a furniture designer, architect and interior decorator, as well as an icon of luxurious French Modernism. He was famous for his avant-garde designs and one of the first to incorporate materials like metal and glass into his furniture designs.

In 1950, Adnet started collaborating with Hermès. He designed a whole line of leather furniture and accessories for the French fashion house. Part of that furniture line was a round leather mirror with brass details and a leather strap.

Gubi created its Adnet mirror as a modern adaptation of Jacques Adnet’s 1950s design. The prevalent materials are still brass and leather. The design is typically Scandinavian in its simplicity. The combination of warm leather and cool metal creates a perfect blend of elegance and cosiness.

Finest Scandinavian Design

Danish brand Gubi was founded in 1967 by Gubi and Lisbeth Olsen, and is now run by brothers  Jacob and Sebastian. Initially, the Olsens focused on their own designs and selling textiles. When the brothers took over, they opened a concept store and added fashion into the mix. They were amongst the first to import Prada and Helmut Lang to Denmark.

In 2001, the company returned to the original family business, focusing on furniture, lighting and accessories. Gubi often collaborates with international designers and has achieved success in Denmark and beyond.

Gubi’s typically Scandinavian design is clearly reflected in the Adnet mirrors as well. The mirrors contribute to an atmosphere of calm and equilibrium in the rooms of the Grand Ferdinand in Vienna.


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