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Join the Grand Ferdinand private dining club and get access to the Grand Étage and all its creature comforts.

Join the Grand Étage Club and Enjoy Vienna from Above

Join the Grand Ferdinand private dining club and get access to the Grand Étage and all its creature comforts.

The Grand Étage on the rooftop of the Grand Ferdinand is, without a doubt, the heart of the elegant hotel on the Vienna Ring Boulevard. It’s an oasis of relaxation in the middle of the city where guests get to enjoy good food, good conversations, and an excellent panoramic view over Vienna.

Usually, only guests at the Grand Ferdinand have access to the Grand Étage. However, we want to give everyone who can appreciate the good things in life a chance to enjoy the Grand Étage as well — even when they’ve spent the night in their own beds at home.

You can now join the exclusive Grand Étage Club to get access to this special location and all that it has to offer for one year.

Inspired by Vienna’s private salons

The inspiration for our private dining club comes from Vienna’s own elegant history. During the 18th and 19th century, private salons were popular throughout the city but especially closely associated with the palace-like “palais” buildings along the Ring Boulevard. These private salons were the place to be for conversations about societal, literary and artistic topics.

It’s the ambience of these private dining clubs, equipped with a modern touch, that we want to bring back to the Ring Boulevard. At the Grand Étage, we want to again make time and room for sophisticated conversation.

The Grand Étage is the perfect backdrop for business meetings, private dinners, and all the other special moments in our lives. Or maybe you just want to relax by the rooftop pool — the only one along the Ring Boulevard — for an afternoon to forget about everything else for a bit. Whichever strikes your fancy, the Grand Étage Club will be your oasis of sophistication.

Exclusive Access to the Grand Étage

Your membership grants you and up to three people in your company entry to the Grand Étage. Since space is limited we ask that you please make a reservation. Apart from the regular use of the Grand Étage, the membership will allow you to book it as an event location as well (on request).

You can get a one-year membership for the private dining club for 30 Euro monthly and an first enrollment fee of 100 Euro. With your membership you gain a reduced partner card,  special conditions as well as the presale right for events at the Grand Ferdinand and special conditioins on the overnight prices for all the “World of the Weitzer” Hotels in Vienna and Graz.

If you’re interested in joining the Grand Étage Club please contact our team, either by phone or email: 01/ 91880 or


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